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  FinanceAdvisor 2.0
Corporate Finance Software for
Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added Analysis

A powerful, industry standards based economic value management and valuation tool utilizing Economic Profit as the measure of Economic Value Added (E.V.A.).

A product of refined architecture, FinanceAdvisorTM 2.0's customizable, automated analysis features make it possible for you and your team to focus on strategic and tactical issues affecting your organization and shareholders.

  • Gain greater insight into your business.
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Maximize Shareholder Value
"It is refreshing to use a software package that is so generally well thought out, bug free and with an efficient, intuitive user interface." --  Peter Nixon, G.B. Nixon & Associates

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TM is comprehensive financial forecasting and valuation software that supports the strategic and tactical planning process for creating shareholder value. The software uses the same discounted Free Cash Flow and Economic Value Added frameworks that has over the years become the standard in corporate finance valuation and performance measurement.

AFSA's finance technology is contained in our software and represents the best available. It is an extension of the implementation and ideas contained in our earlier products. Finance professionals can now access the same decision making tools for increasing shareholder value as offered by Our Competitors -- except it costs a fraction of the price.  "Thinking about things some more, I don't need a trial extension:  your application is the better of the two we're evaluating" -- Rob Patzig

FinanceAdvisorTM for Windows provides a comprehensive Chart of Accounts and data may be entered for an unlimited planning horizon. The built-in extensive Chart of Account provides complete data integrity and insures that reports are accurate and reliable. In addition, the Chart of Accounts can be extended with complete Sub-Account and Sub-Scheduling capabilities,

It is the only software of its kind that operates on Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual data. And it's very fast -- both in the development of forecasts and financial models, and also in the calculations. Forecast changes show up instantaneously on the reports display. Impressive power, finance technology and flexibility at your fingertips -- on your PC.

Use FinanceAdvisorTM to: estimate the value of alternative business strategies; analyze business unit performance; value acquisitions and divestitures; use value based management to manage business units; communicate with key shareholders about the value of the business.

FinanceAdvisorTM is easy to use, flexible and powerful and it runs on Microsoft's Windows© 95/98/NT/XP operating system.


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